Bell Tower Memorial on WISN

On Sunday, December 12, 2021, Jean Miller and Steve McNeal from the Bell Tower Memorial joined Jeff McCarthy and Becky Miller from Bank Five Nine on their weekly radio show, That's So Money. Discussing the updated project, Jean and Steve described the history of the organization and the steps we're taking to bring this memorial to life. Take a listen!​

US Air Force Veteran Bill Rheingans spoke to Pewaukee High School INSIGHT program students on December 19, 2022. Bill's presentation gave the students a well-rounded idea of life in the military and how that leads you into the working world.

On Friday, January 3, 2020, Korean War Veteran Walter Hogan spoke at Pewaukee High School to teacher Sharon Straub's history class about his time in Korea. Hogan served in the army as a squad leader and was shot on October 24, 1952 during the Battle of Chorwon Valley. He spent three days in a MASH unit before being shipped to Yokohama, Japan. He ended up at Walter Reed hospital in Washington D.C. The injuries he sustained caused him to lose his leg, but that didn't stop him from living his life, eventually becoming a (now past) National Commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

WWII Veterans Al Exner and Jerry Stern spoke to history classes at Pewaukee High School in February, 2019.​


Veterans in the Classroom

Teaching our students and communities about what it means to serve our country is at the forefront of the Bell Tower Memorial's mission. Inviting local Veterans into the classroom to talk to students about their service experience is paramount to this process.

On Thursday, February 17, 2022, WWII Navy Veteran John Eskau spoke at Pewaukee High School about the true happenings during the war while he served in Okinawa, Japan and elsewhere. John was first interviewed during the Veterans Oral History Project in 2017. He's a very active supporter of various community projects and loves construction work.​